Day trips – Driving in Israel - Find your way in Israel

Day trips – Driving in Israel

By virtue of being such a small country day trips from and to the major cities in Israel are very convenient. Haifa to Tel-Aviv is about an hour, as well as Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Haifa to Jerusalem is about 2 hours. From Haifa tourists have the option of traveling to the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and exploring the northern region of the country. Tourists in Tel-Aviv have many day trip options within Israel since the city is centrally located.

Popular destinations are Haifa and the Galilee region in northern Israel, Be’er Sheva, Ein Geddi, and the Dead Sea in the south, and Jerusalem to the east. From Jerusalem many tourists travel to Tel-Aviv, Ein Geddi, and the Dead Sea. While traveling between cites may seem daunting to a foreigner, it is important to note that many rental car service providers are able to include a GPS unit with the rental.

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