Driving to Eilat - Find your way in Israel

Driving to Eilat

By virtue of being such a small country day trips from and to the major cities in Israel are very convenient. A driving to Eilat from Tel Aviv is about 4 hours drive, as well as from Jerusalem.

The driving to Eilat will take you trough picturesque desert views, beautiful nature gems such as the Ramon Crater, or drive though the Dead Sea, which is a must place to visit as well. Another attraction just north to Eilat is the Timna Valley Geological Park. The park is situated thirty kilometers north to Eilat. The oldest copper mines in history, are still evident by the great amounts of slag to be found everywhere.

Famous stops at the driving to Eilat is the Yotveta dairy shop, Mitzpe Ramon crater, Dead sea, and many more interesting places.

Many fly to EIlat from Tel Aviv and hire a car once in Eilat. Some car rental companies will let you return a car that was rented in Eilat in Tel Aviv (Or vice versa)

Many of the roads in the desert area are two way driving. When driving to Eilat always stay fresh and alert and watch for camels crossing some of the southern roads. You don’t want to hit a camel with your rented car. All though the driving to Eilat is not that long or hard, a GPS navigation unit can certainly help you on your way and make you comfortable when trying to find interesting spots and attractions along the way.

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