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Tow Away Zones in Tel Aviv

Tow Away Zones in Tel Aviv are indicated by a Tow Away Zone signs , by a red and white markings on a the sidewalks, by a yellow and red markings, Handicapped zones and more. You may not park, even temporarily, in a Tow Away Zone. Vehicles in a Tow-Away Zone are subject to immediate removal and impound. Tow Away Zone signs may appear by themselves or may appear in combination with other parking regulations.

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded due to parking in a Tow Away Zone, please call the city towing centers: Riding: 03-7411097, Hayam 03- 5160189, Yad Eliyaho  057-7817945, Ramat Aviv  057-7766004

Tow Away zone In Tel Aviv

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