Tel Aviv Transportation Tips - Find your way in Israel

Tel Aviv Transportation Tips

How to get around in public transportation

Alternatives to driving within cities exist and tourists should not feel pressured into renting a car. In most cases, Tel Aviv has a vast array of public transportation options. Inner city buses sprawl throughout the city and will take patrons to most locations. Additionally, mini-vans known as “sheruts” follow the same course as the numbered buses with the added benefits of being slightly cheaper and able to stop specifically where requested while on the route. Where “sheruts” and inner city buses fall short, the widely popular cab picks up the slack. Taxis are plentiful and are easily hailed from the side of the road.

Main Tel Aviv bus lines:
Line 4
Line 4 will take you from north to east and back on the main streets of Ben Yehuda and Alenbi. The 4 line Starts at the new Tel Aviv bus station and end on the Riding terminal at the North of Tel Aviv.

Line 5
Line 5 will take you from north to east and back mainly on Dizengoff street – the shopping street of Tel Aviv. The 5 line Starts at the new Tel Aviv bus station and end on the Arlozorov bus terminal where you can find a Train station that can take you to the Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa, Beer Sheeba and more.

More information on Tel Aviv bus transportation:

For travel between the major cities in Israel a tourist also has an abundance of options. Just as in the city, buses and “sheruts” are available. Buses leave at regular intervals from the major bus stations while “sheruts” depart once enough passengers are found to fill up the available seats.

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