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Hertz Israel Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental is one of the leading car hire companies in the world, operates 7,000 locations worldwide in 160 countries. Hertz Israel car rental operates Israeli leading car rental business, providing travelers and business with a full range of hire cars services.

Hertz Israel car rental makes your trip more comfortable and offers large fleet of cars: from family cars to vans.

Hertz Israel is spread at more than 20 locations all across the country includes Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and more.

Hertz Israel – Branches address:

Hertz Israel – Ben Gurion Airport
Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport
Phone: 03-9754505

Hertz Israel – Tel Aviv
HaHashmonaim 88, Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-6841011

Hertz Israel – Jerusalem
King David 19, Jerusalem
Phone: 02-6231351

Hertz Israel – Eilat
HaTmarim blvd, Eilat
Phone: 08-6375050

Hertz Israel – Haifa
HaHistadrut 104, Haifa
Phone: 04-8402121

Hertz Israel – Tiberias
Sonol Gas Station, Tiberias
Phone: 04-6723939

Hertz Israel – Rehovot
Hapatish 6, Nez Ziona
Phone: 08-9300161

Hertz Israel – Ashdod
Rogozin 4, Ashdod
Phone: 08-8527779

Hertz Israel – Bne-Brak
Aharonoviz 10, Bne-Brak
Phone: 03-6189020

Hertz Israel – Beer-Sheva
Hasadna 7, Beer-Sheva
Phone: 08-6651551

Hertz Israel – Lod
Lev-Pesah 4, Lod
Phone: 08-9777501

Hertz Israel car rental web Site.

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